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How To Become An Adoption Ambassador?

1. Be committed to be an Advocate for adoption, a Trailblazer

2. Decide what content, images and video you would like to put on your web page

3. Start driving traffic to your page and get votes

4. The top couples with the most votes are chosen as the next wave of Adoption Ambassadors when we received our Non-Profit Designation.

Filling The Gap: #1 The Financial Gap

From the feedback we continually receive, the first gap we need to fill is the Financial Gap. Adoption is expensive and we want to ensure that anyone that is willing to take action, is able to have the opportunity to have the funds available to adopt. We are trailblazing this path and look forward to the journey.

Mentorship & Training

The adoption process can feel like an island. We are here to make sure you are not alone. Tell us your story and we will help to provide the momentum and strategies to help you make progress toward your adoption goal. Not only will you be working in your own state, but there will be other Adoption Ambassadors in other states doing the same. The combined efforts of all Ambassadors provide the motivation and momentum to help and support not only yourself, but all involved.

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